Luxe Lace Bralette Fancy Bra


  • Single-Padded with Luxurious Lace Bralette
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Subtle Enhancement, Exceptional Support
  • Enchanting Lace and Padded Design
  • Wash with hands
  • Imported
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Discover the allure of the Luxe Lace Bralette: an exquisite fusion of intricate design and comfort, available exclusively at Aouvi PK. Our bralette collection redefines elegance, embracing your femininity with every detail. Whether you’re seeking a fancy bra or an inner piece that exudes sophistication, our single-padded bralette with intricate lace is your ultimate choice.

Indulge in the charm of delicate lace and experience the sensation of our carefully curated designs against your skin. The Luxe Lace Bralette is a celebration of individuality, perfectly blending fashion and comfort for the modern woman. Whether you’re browsing bras online or looking for a bralette with intricate lace at an undergarments shop near you, Aouvi has the perfect match.

A single padded design ensures a subtle enhancement of your natural shape while providing exceptional support. The intricate lace pattern adds a touch of luxury, transforming your undergarments into a canvas of artistry. When you’re in search of imported undergarments in Pakistan, Aouvi’s Luxe Lace Bralette stands out for its attention to detail and refinement.

Elevate your undergarment collection with a touch of fancy and sophistication. The Luxe Lace Bralette is not just a fancy bra; it’s a statement of your unique style and confidence. Every thread and every stitch is a testament to Aouvi’s commitment to creating pieces that empower and inspire.

Maintaining the allure of your Luxe Lace Bralette is effortless. Hand wash with mild detergent and cold water, and lay it flat to dry. Our care instructions ensure that your bralette remains as enchanting as the first day you wore it, preserving its intricate lace and padded design.

Whether you’re looking for a bralette with intricate lace in Karachi or exploring the best bra brands in Pakistan, Aouvi PK is your trusted destination. Our focus on quality and design makes us the ultimate undergarments and lingerie brand in Pakistan. Experience the art of comfort and sophistication – order your Luxe Lace Bralette today and embrace the elegance you deserve.

Additional information


Black, Blue, Cream


32, 34, 36

Cup Size

A, B


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